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Pdf biomechanical study of different plate configurations for distal. Our plating and rodding systems for the radius and ulna off er a comprehensive array of diaphyseal radius and ulna fracture treatment options. Mixing implants of differing metallic composition in the treatment of. Olecranon locking plate surgical techniquealog infor nota bene the technique description herein is made available to the healthcare professional to illustrate the authors suggested treatment for the uncomplicated procedure. Variable angle lcp elbow system inservice powerpoint. Acumen officials say that the device allows for a simplified operating room experience as it includes both plates and nails that use the same instrumentation and screws. Mayo clinic acumed configuration 180 between plates and dorsal fixation of. The code is valid for the year 2020 for the submission of hipaacovered transactions. The prongs in the proximal end of the plate should penetrate the triceps tendon and provide provisional fixation. Comments about the acumed aculoc 2 volar distal radius.

The tension band technique for olecranon fractures yields good clinical outcomes. Tension sidefixing bone plate for olecranon process of ulna pat cn101406408. Josephs health centre, university of western ontario, 268 grosvenor street, london, ontario, canada n6a 4l6. The fracturespecific lowprofile fixation system with variable angle locking technology. This new system provides both proximally and distally fitting plates, fracture management instrumentation, innovative plate placement technology and the unique. The acumed olecranon plates provide fixation for both fractures and osteotomies in the proximal ulna. Research yielded titanium alloy implants that accurately contour to the proximal tibia. Attach the olecranon plate proximal targeting guide 800654 to the olecranon plate 7003xx with the locking bolt. Open reduction plate fixation spiral fracture shaft humerus. The reference lines on the plate help facilitate the creation of the osteotomy when a free hand cut is preferred. Long screws in the lateral column plate are designed to interdigitate with screws from the medial.

The acumed congruent elbow plating system was the first to offer parallel plates for the stabilization of distal humerus fractures. Request pdf biomechanical evaluation of a precontoured clavicle plate recent. The technique reported aims to combine benefits of unicortical. Pdf the aim of this study was to evaluate and compare the. This latest addition to our anatomic radial head solutions offers further refinements to the first.

Op set elbow distal humerus and olecranon plates angelstable, for screws 3. All fractures were treated with either a locked plate or a onethird tubular hook plate construct. For smallbone fractures, fusions and osteotomies rely on acumeds acutrak 2 headless compression screw system. This is mostly due to protrusion of the proximal ends of the kwires or by the twisted knots of the metal wire tension. Based on these theoretical, numerical and experimental results we will combine both key elements of our. A true anatomical preshaped olecranon plate should have both varus and anterior angulation close to the average angulations of the normal ulna and located in a certain distance from its proximal edge. Acumeds ulnar shortening plate is designed to offer an. The olecranon part of the plate should primarily not exceed the olecranon length and secondarily be close to the average olecranon angle. Results measurements showed a mean dorsal hook angle of product overview the acumed elbow plating system offers multiple fixation options for fractures of the distal humerus, olecranon, and coronoid, as well as osteotomies of the olecranon.

Optilock periarticular plating system for proximal tibial. The acumed hand plating system is intended for the managemnent of fractures, fusions, and osteotomies of the distal, mdl. The projection that forms the lower border of the trochlear notch, the coronoid process, enters the coronoid fossa of the humerus when the elbow. Construct choice for the treatment of displaced, comminuted.

A posterior plate is offered in addition to the medial and lateral. Long screws in the lateral column plate are designed to. Plate should provide stable fixation of the ulnar shaft. This design not only reduces or time spent in contouring a plate but also minimizes softtissue irritation for the patient. Acumed elbow plating system surgical technique intermedic. The technique reported aims to combine benefits of unicortical fixation with. The family is comprised of nearly 70 unique screw size options, from 2mm x 8mm up to 7.

The reference lines on the plate help facilitate the creation of. Acumed pain patches acumed patches for pain relief consists of a self adhesive plaster containing high purity zinc and copper in a magnetic field. Attach the olecranon plate proximal targeting guide 800654 to the olecranon plate with the locking bolt. Made of titanium alloy ti6al4v and treated with a type ii anodization, these plates are able to carry the loads that are required of them while remaining low profile. Acumed upgrades humerus fracture device orthopedics this. Plate should buttress against anterior pull of elbow flexors. Elbow plating system brochure and surgical technique yumpu. Designed to provide an anatomic fit, the plates contour proximally and along the shaft. Wolni i zniewoleni krool robert pobierz pdf robert krool, rocznik 1969, a wiec czlowiek mlody, choc swym bogatym zyciorysem moglby z powodzeniem refleksje o mistycznej sztuce upadkow i wzlotow krool robert w wolnych i zniewolonych odslania swoja prawdziwa nature.

Locking screws should interlock to provide a stable fixed angle structure inside the bone fragment. The optilock periarticular plating system offers both left and right proximal lateral plate configurations and a unique anatomic proximal medialposterior plate application for optimizing fixation of simple and complex tibial plateau fractures. Treatment of proximal ulna and olecranon fractures by. A comprehensive system, consisting of five 5 distal humerus plates and three 3 types of olecranon plates implant options for both parallel and perpendicular plating rounded plate edges and anatomic contours designed to help reduce soft tissue irritation. The geometry of the proximal ulna was studied in 200 paired caucasian ulnae, using a digital caliper and goniometer. Prongs on the proximal tip of the standard plates provide provisional fixation into the triceps tendon, assisting with reduction and improving final stability. In addition, the screw trajectory allows screws to capture fracture fragments and avoid other screws regardless of the screw length selected. Acumed php proximal humerus plate surgical technique. Locking straight plate, locking distal clavicle plates and locking anterior clavicle plates.

The 5th metatarsal fracture system is a uniquely designed screw and plate system that provides surgeons a variety of options to efficiently and effectively treat complex 5th metatarsal fractures. Mayo clinic congruent elbow plates, designed by shawn odriscoll, ph. Good indications for intramedullary nailing are simple fracture types of the olecranon or proximal ulna, multifragmentary ulna fractures and fractures with poor soft tissue coverage. This system also includes the hexalobe screw system with variable angle taploc technology for the medial and lateral distal humerus plates. The acumed elbow plating system offers multiple fixation options for fractures of the distal humerus, olecranon, and coronoid, as well as osteotomies of the olecranon. Orthopaedic bone screw, nonbioabsorbable, nonsterile a small, nonsterile, threaded rod with a slotted head typically used for internal orthopaedic fracture fixation by being screwed into bone to hold plates or nails to bone or to provide direct interfragmentary stabilization of bone, or it may fasten soft tissue to bone. Lockingclavicle platesystem since 1988 acumed has been designing solutions to the demanding situations facing.

In many patients, implants irritate overlying soft tissues and cause pain. Flex the elbow 90, reduce the fracture and apply the plate. In line with our goal to bring to the market products that evolve and improve patient outcomes, acumed introduces three additional plate designs to the system. Increased plate length range makes this olecranon plate system the most comprehensive plate offering on the market.

This animated overview of the hand fracture system illustrates how the system is designed to surgically treat various metacarpal and phalangeal fractures, fusions, and osteotomies. Biomechanical evaluation of a precontoured clavicle plate. Congruent elbow plating system surgical technique acumed. The acumed elbow plating system offers multiple fixation options for fractures of the distal humerus.

The acumed elbow plating system was the first to offer precontoured, parallel distal humerus plates. Flex the elbow 90 degrees, reduce the fracture, and apply the plate. New acumed col3100 congruent plate system surgical. Article in journal of shoulder and elbow surgery american shoulder and. Olecranon fractures are by definition intraarticular disruptions of the. Repair of olecranon fractures using fiberwire without. The acumed locking olecranon plates are grade 4 unalloyed titanium. According to the sales representative, the surgery to implant an acumed hole locking olecranon plate plleo on b6 2011 went smoothly and there were no issues during the implantation of the plate or screws. Plate must be strong and stiff enough to resist bending before union occurs. Acumed php proximal humerus plate surgical technique mr alistair jepson orthopaedic surgeon upper limb ltd. Developed with surgeon feedback, acutrak 2 products address nearly 20 of the most common indications in the hand, wrist, foot and ankle. Acumed launches new stateoftheart system for ankle. Plate should be applied with compression across the fracture. Pdf biomechanical aspects of locking reconstruction plate.

Tension sidefixing bone plate for olecranon process of. The screw trajectory is designed to allow screws to capture fracture platlng and avoid other screws regardless of the screw length selected. Odriscolls goal is to combine his principles for distal humeral fracture. Acumed forearm fracture solutions surgical technique. Their hypothesis was that combining these metals on the same. Acumed acumed acutrak 2 headless compression screw system. The elbow plating system offers precontoured, indicationspecific plates and includes a lowprofile olecranon plate design with anatomic curvature and instrumentation to aid with plate and screw insertion. Once the plates ideal positioning has been selected, it is provisionally stabilized to the spine andor acromion with bone clamps plcl04. To define the optimum design of the anatomical preshaped olecranon plate.

This section offers acumeds suggested method for implanting the scapula spine acromion plate. The plate may be filled with locking or nonlocking screws depending on the surgeons preference. Whether managing a simple fracture or correcting a complex. Long screws in the medial column plate are designed to interdigitate with screws from the lateral column plate. Coronoid plates equally capable of treating osteotomies and fractures, the locking olecranon plates in the mayo clinic congruent elbow plate. Acumed, a hillsboro, oregon, orthopedic firm, is introducing its new polarus 3 solution, a method to treat proximal humerus fractures.

The acumed patch is made with one of the worlds most advanced microporous, hypoallergenic tapes. Arthrex offers a variety of elbow instrument sets designed to provide the surgeon with surgical options for open or arthroscopic elbow procedures. Elbow plating system brochure and surgical technique. No augmentations were made to the items that were used in surgery. The acumed osteotomy system features the ulna shortening plate which is designed to offer a lowprofile plate with builtin osteotomy reference lines and an osteotomy guide. Plate osteosynthesis of ulna fractures requires extensive exposure with the risk of devascularisation.

The acumed ankle plating system 3 is composed of seven plate families that span the lateral, medial, and posterior malleoli. Olecranon specific plates with proximal extensions are widely thought to offer superior fixation of small proximal fragments but have distinct disadvantages. In the final analysis, the preferred treatment is that which addresses the needs of the specific patient. This is used to accurately place the proximal shaft of the plate in alignment with the center axis of the radial diaphysis. Acumed is a global leader of innovative orthopaedic. They are not intended for interference or soft tissue fixation. Searchable database of fda 510k applications and descisions. Olecranon plates technical objectives for locking olecranon plates. Distal humerus plates to provide multiple plating solutions for elbow fracture management. Precontoured lp acumed hillsboro, or, stryker kalamazoo, mi, zimmer. Pdf fractures of the distal humerus are most commonly fixed by open. Olecranon fractures are a common injury in fractures.

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