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He explained to me that the movie was a very good portrayal of patton in that it was. Scott as world war ii general george patton, his 1971 oscar nominated role. Thats why americans have never lost nor will ever lose a war. Scott is onscreen for most of that time, when we are not seeing battle scenes or nazi planners always speculating about patton. Scott played the role of general patton, listen to some of his speeches and clips from the movie. General patton addresses the 3rd army a merican r hetoric. Every scene is captivating especially when scott is in it, but the opening scene is the greatest, most powerful scene in the movie. Oliver stone has said this film glorifies war, i disagree, what it does is show a man patton who gloried in war, the war is shown through his perspective,and to patton war is glorious and he revels in it.

Patton, drinking, telling the academy awards to lose his number. But he was a master of the dramatic pause, lowering his voice to great effect, forcing the audience. The action pieces are well done, the script is witty and well. Scott while standing before an enormous american flag.

Scott remembers a previous life as a warrior in a battle 2000 years earlier. Scott, the raspyvoiced actor whose explosive performances powered such films as patton and energized the apocalyptic satire dr. What makes this movie worth watching is seeing george c. His voice was actually rather high, certainly not the gravelly bass of george c. Full text and audio mp3 and video of movie patton general george s. The movie was enthusiastically received by both the public and the critics and won several academy awards. His aggressiveness and ego are dramatized in a famous film from the 70s starring another famous george, george c. Scott embodies his role so fully, so convincingly, that we cant help but be drawn to and fascinated by patton as a man who is simultaneously bound for hell and glory. North, who based their screenplay on the biography patton. Scott walking onstage as patton to deliver his iconic speech in front of a sprawling american flag, i knew this was going to be a great movie.

The films opening monologue alone is a masterful display of acting and character analysis, and everything that follows is sheer brilliance on the part of scott and. The speech portions of which were delivered by the actor george c. Scotts infamous onset behavior occurred during the filming of patton, as told by actor morgan paull on his last interview cult film freak. Side plots also speak of pattons numerous faults such his temper and tendency toward insubordination. Patton is a 1970 american biographical war film about u. Scott, who already tried withdrawing from the oscars 11 years earlier, made the bold move of refusing his award and not showing up at the ceremony to collect it. Accompanied by excellent practical effects and a soundtrack by jerry goldsmith. Schaffner from a script by francis ford coppola and edmund h. An amazing film and debut of francis ford coppola, who would later write the screenplay for the godfather. Very few movies will ever be classics that will stand the test of time. This speech has become part of american culture, due in great part to george c. Patton, standing in front of a giant american flag see audio above. Patton to troops of the united states third army in 1944, prior to the normandy landings. Scott s magnificent performance, patton is an epic biographical account of the decorated but also controversial american general, george s.

Scott who died in 1999 are heard only in interviews recorded for the films 1970 release. Scott caricatured so brilliantly in patton richard nixons favorite movie. Scott delivers a performance that makes patton a relevant and powerful movie that will be watched and watched for years to come. An abbreviated and less profane version of the speech became iconic thanks to the 1970 movie patton, where it was performed by the actor george c. Scott, who at that point in his career had become an increasingly wellknown stage and film actor. Scott repeats his oscarwinning portrayal of ol blood and guts, tracing the generals controversial role in postwar europe and the auto accident that proved to be patton s last battle.

Scott in the 1970 movie patton is presented below in its entirety. The fall from grace at the end really upends the legendary speech at the beginning of the movie. Scott with the best actor oscar for his performance in patton at the 43rd academy awards in 1971. The camera focus is sharp, but the dramatic focus is blurred. Gary arnold of the washington post wrote that the film eventually shares the dramatic limitations, as well as the visual triumphs, of lawrence of arabia. Scott full list of movies and tv shows in theaters, in production and upcoming films. Eva marie saint, richard dysart, and murray hamilton costar. Academy award winners who rejected their oscars history.

At military bases across the us theater owners reported that soldiers in the audience would often stand up. Scott audio clips patton is a movie about the greatest general of world war ii and the most controversial. Patton is a 1970 american epic biographical war film about u. But it was not just a speech, it was a performance. Patton in the film patton 1970 and researched extensively for the role, studying films of the general and talking to those who knew him. Scott, an actor of extraordinary range and daring, celebrated for his performances as gen. Scott, title character in tunisia, 1943, after a disastrous encounter with the germans, largely as described in the autobiography of general omar bradley karl malden, in the hit biopic patton, 1970. Patton, who no pun intended commands the scene hes in. According to his patton 1970 costar karl malden, scott caused a shooting delay on the set of that movie by holding an impromptu pingpong tournament against a worldchampion tabletennis player. Patton s speech to the third army, alternatively known simply as patton s speech or the speech, was a series of speeches given by general george s. Mar 01, 2018 patton was a stunning movie and it deserved every bit of the recognition it received. Patton was a stunning movie and it deserved every bit of the recognition it received. The speech that starts the movie uses the real patton s own words.

Scott, karl malden, michael bates and karl michael vogler. His uniform is impeccable, his medals uncountable, and his ramrod demeanor unassailable. When it was nominated for an academy award, nearly everyone was overjoyed. Men, all this stuff youve heard about america not wanting to fight, wanting to stay out of the war, is a lot of horse dung. It is one of those sublime performances in which the personalities of. Patton 15 movie clip americans love a winner 1970 hd. Scott on a stage draped with a massive flag to address his troops.

Scott s amazing performance as the violent and vulnerable general. Feb 20, 2019 academy award winners who rejected their oscars. The performance of george c scott as patton is brilliant, it shows a complex and demanding character riddled with contradictions,who. Scott refused to film the famous speech in front of the. The audio clip below is from the 1970 movie patton, starring george c. Scott s oscarearning portrayal of the general in the 1970 movie, patton. As patton, george scott gives one of the great and unforgettable screen characterizations. Scott was an immensely talented actor, a star of screen, stage and television. Scott, title character finds his new aide paul stevens most satisfactory, and helpful in his pitch to brit commanders tedder gerald flood and alexander jack gwillim, in director franklin schaffners biopic patton, 1970.

Although scott initially accepted the role of patton, because of wylers dislike of the coppola script, scott who liked it said, count me out. Thirty years from now, when youre sitting around your fireside with your grandson on your knee and. Scott, who was in full costume as general patton, kept losing to the world champ and was determined to keep playing him all night, if need be. The movie begins without showing the 20th centuryfox logo, or any other indication that the film is starting.

Mar 12, 2018 patton speech is not a score cue, but instead features the opening raw and unvarnished speech spoken by george c. Patton is the successful film that it is because of george c. In 1945, he joined the united states marines and spent four years with. Scott wears in the opening speech were actually george s. The role of patton was played by the american character actor george c scott. Originally produced in 1997 for the patton laserdisc release, the documentary covers the elementary background of the film, including many stills from the production. Director franklin schaffners staging of the arrival of the the general george c. I mean, people loved his acting and we loved working with him but after the third time he pulled a stunt with me, i said, dont look at me again in a restaurant, just stay away. It is a powerful image befitting a man larger than life.

At the end of the movie, patton realizes that hes a lion with no more battles to fight. The film begins with pattons career in north africa and progresses through the invasion of europe and the fall of the third reich. Patton is a great character study, anchored by an effectively complicated performance by george c. Scott emerges as patton and gives a remarkable speech in front of a huge banner of the stars and stripes.

His landmark portray of the famous general in the movie, patton, remains a great acting achievement to all to watch while landmark status is not to be ascribe to this movie, it is a delight in seeing scott again for the last time. The film fairly accurately reflects the reality of pattons role in the defeat of germany. Against a backdrop of the stars and stripes, general george s. Now, i want you to remember that no bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. Patton is a classic american war movie and this speech is arguably the best part of the film. The speech was delivered on june 5th, 1944, the eve of the allied invasion of france. At the age of eight, his mother died, and his father, an executive at buick, raised him.

Scott gives a rousing and inspired speech to the troops in which he lays out his partriotic values and. Patton speech is not a score cue, but instead features the opening raw and unvarnished speech spoken by george c. Scott refused to film the famous speech in front of the american flag when he learned that the speech was going to come at the opening of the. After serving in the marines from 1945 to 1949, scott enrolled at the university of. Jul 14, 2017 patton like youve never seen him before. The film begins with patton s career in north africa and progresses through the invasion of europe and the fall of the third reich. Scott refused the oscar nomination for patton, just as he had done for his nomination in 1962 for the hustler, but won the award anyway. Patton, and covers his stint as tank commander during world war ii. The performance was instrumental in bringing patton into popular culture and transforming him into a folk hero. Scott repeats his oscarwinning portrayal of ol blood and guts, tracing the generals controversial role in postwar europe and the auto accident that proved to be pattons last battle. He was born on october 18, 1927 in wise, virginia, to helena agnes slemp and george dewey scott.

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