Remington model 11-48 shotgun owners manual

In 1937, remington reduced the rollstamping on the sportsman to one bird on each side and started putting the rollstamping on model 11 receivers as well. Remington rem shotgun knife 1187 870 new 1990 us made. Remington model 1148 shotgun early manual 20100801 remington sportsman or model 11 i missed the gun and bought a 12 gauge remington model 11 made getting an owners manual is advised. Vintage remington model 1148 auto load shotgun 28 gauge gun instruction manual. My old restored model 11 is reliable and effective despite its age and questionable parentage.

Remington model 11 factory owners manual wenvelope and retail price list. Were can you get an owners manual for a remington model 11. My very first shotgun was a remington 1148 in 28 gauge. It was manufactured from 1949 to 1968 and was produced in 12, 16, 20 and 28 gauge and. Numrich has a wide selection of remington model 11 parts for sale browse the schematic and more. Remington model 1100 automatic shotgun owners manual. All instructions included in this supplement for the 12 and 20 gauge also apply to the model mohawk 48. The disassembly and reassembly of the remington model 1148. For sale we have a remington model 1148 shotgun in 12 gauge. We are pleased to accommodate your request for the model 1148 autoloading shotgun. Customs services and international tracking provided. Consists of 8 pages of informati for sale by rediscovered shooting treasure on gunsamerica. The 1148 differs from the model 11 in the shape of its machined steel receiver and the use of cheaper stamped steel.

The remington model 1148 is a recoil operated shotgun with a tubular magazine. The remington 700 is the most popular boltaction rifle in america, at least according to sales figures for new and previouslyowned rifles. Remington model 11 m11 remington autoloading gun semi. The 1148 manual indicates no adjustments needed between light and heavy loads. Out of curiosity, i just wanted to take a look at one of the semiauto 12 gauges that looked pretty nice, a remington 1148 on the wall. In the postworld war 2 years, remington reintroduced the model 11 in a refined form as the model 1148 of 1949. Here the original owners manual page if that helps. Remington hunting shotgun manuals for sale in stock ebay. Consists of 8 pages of information covering assembly, disassembly, loading, cut away action pictures, care, sight adjustment, a parts list and parts diagram. Download free remington owners manuals in pdf format click here to download remington 700 owners manual the remington 700 is the most popular boltaction rifle in america, at least according to sales. Rifle sightin process longrange rifle shooting with ryan cleckner duration. Please see above for condition and email us with any questions you may have.

The model 1148 was released as the replacement for remingtons model 11. These were produced until 1968 and available in 12, 16, 20, 28 and. The barrel date code says b o 8 which i assume means jan77, this does not make sense being that this rifle was not manufactured after 1962. Gun features checkered walnut stock and forend, blue finish, has a 28 barrel with front sight metal bead, 2 34 chamber, and modified choke tube. Barrel 12 gauge 28 long plain late variation modified choke original. However, this manual does not tell you how to fix or repair the remington 1148 autoloading shotgun, these manuals just show and explain how to correctly take the remington model 1148 autoloading shotgun completely apart the right way the first time and ever time. Remington 1148 service manuals, cleaning, repair manuals. The model 1100 semiauto and the model 1148 semiauto were. A key issue in friction regulated guns of this nature is the amount of lubrication on the magazine tube. I was wondering if anyone could tell me where i can find some information about this particular gun including the value of it. Disassemble a remington mohawk 48 12ga shotgun, cleaned, lubed and reassembled gun in this video.

Buy remington owners manual model 1148 sportsman 48. It uses the long recoil operation system and you can adjust the action ring under the forearm for light or heavy loads orginally black or smokeless powderfrom remington overview escription. Its the same as a model 1148 except its a 3 shot instead of 5 shot. So, chances are that you or a close family member may have a rem 700 of some.

Anything and everything related to firearm maintenance, modification, safety and troubleshooting can be posted here. The remington 1148 is a lighter, streamlined version, of the model 11, and was the first new semiautomatic shotguns to be introduced by. We have everything that you need to complete your repair or restoration. American rifleman television remington 1148 youtube. Remington model 1148, model 1148, remington model 1148. Remington model 1148 early factory owners instructions manual. This remington manufactured late variation 28 plain barrel with a factory modified choke is for the ex tax. Find the remington model 11 parts that you need today. Remington owners manual model 1148 sportsman 48 gun. Good shotgun though, ive had an 1148 16 ga for years, light and fun to shoot gun. The remington model 11 is an americanmade version of the classic browning auto5. Can someone please tell me the proper way to assemble my remington model 48 sportsman.

Great information or just a nice addition to your rifle. In 1816 eliphalet remington was confident he could make a flintlock that was as good or. Download free remington firearms manuals daily bulletin. The remington 1148 is a semiautomatic shotgun manufactured by remington arms as the first of the new generation semiautos produced after world war ii. Great information or just a nice addition to your shotgun.

This remington manufactured action spring tube nut washer is for the model 1148 semiauto shotgun a manufacturer. Download free remington owners manuals in pdf format. This manual is a must have if no service manual is available. Approximately 850,000 including 65,000 made for browning during world war ii designerinventor. Remington model 1148 shotgun early manual reproduction. Meet the classic john browning design that became the goto scattergun of the 1930s. If the shotgun is a remington model 11, then the barrel should read as follows. Ive got schematics and ive got a manual but its not clear about two of the parts in the recoil mechanism. Various grades were, again, offered including standard, riot, special, tournament, premier, rifled slug and sportsman.

Find remington model 1148 parts, accessories and schematics with numrich gun parts. National shooting sports foundation nssf 1,212,417 views. Brownells is your source for remington 1148 parts at brownells. Consists of 8 pages of information staple bound with great information, cutaway views, parts list and parts diagram. This is a copy of the field service manual documents that were originally issued to remington. Remington field service manual the remington model 1148 is a recoil operated shotgun with a tubular magazine. Im not going to rate it, but will call it very nice if you collect remingtons, you already know how rare these are in. More lube means less friction, and that may allow you to shoot lighter loads and still function. It was to become also known as the square sterned or humpback model by some. The remington 1148 is a lighter, streamlined version, of the model 11, and was the first new semiautomatic shotguns to be introduced by remington. This model is chambered for 2 34 shells in light or heavy loads and is available in 12, 16, 20, 28 and 410 gauge. Owners manual owners page 2the ten commandments of.

At the same time, the name the sportsman or model 11 began being stamped on the bolt. Everything was smooth and the gun was in good condition. Recoil operated hammerless side ejection take down. The 1148 is a longrecoil operated semiautomatic shotgun based on the remington model 11. It is not recommended to modify your firearm by altering the factory parts in any way, please have your antique firearms inspected. In 1934 dupont acquired controlling interest of remington arms co. This is a 6 page remington owners manual for the model 1100 automatic shotgun 12. Remington model 11 shotgun factory owners instructions. Ill post a picture of how my gun came apart at the end of this post. Remington mohawk 48 12ga shotgun disassembled and cleaned.

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